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Language: British, English, German

Gender: Male

Age: 30's, 40's, 50's

Accent: Australian, British, East European, Geordie, German, Heightened RP, Irish - Southern, Regional European accents, RP, Russian, Slavic, Yorkshire

Style: Charismatic, Distinctive, Flexible, Mature, Rich, Trustworthy

Speciality: Commercials, Corporate, E-learning, Narration, Promos, Explainers, Audioguides, Characters


Kerry Hutchinon has as versatile and natural voice. With a world of global experience and business and social multicultural experience, Kerry can help you. His voice is often praised by clients for its engaging, distinctive, charismatic, and rich qualities.

His voice works perfectly for narration, including corporates, explainers, audioguides, commercials, character voices. 

He speaks German as a second language and so can translate scripts from German into real English. He’s well-versed in a range of British accents, including his native Yorkshire, Lancastrian, NE/Tyne, southern Irish (Waterford), and generic South West counties diction. And if you need English delivered with German or Slavonic pronunciation, he’s got you covered.

Recent clients include: Games Workshop Warhammer 40K, Microsoft, UEFA, EA Sports and SEAT, to name just a few.

More Voice-Reels:

  • Relaxed
  • Gaming
  • Character
  • Narration
  • Commercial

Accents and Languages:

  • Yorkshire

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