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Here at JB Voices, we recognise that you have a choice.  

The environment in which voice-artists operate is a competitive one. Crowded, even. 

We know that if you’re an independent producer, or a production company, your working day is full. So, you need maximum value, delivered promptly and professionally.

JB Voices are offering you a smooth and easy path with all the glitches ironed out right from the start.   

With technical skills and a wealth of experience in post-production, we genuinely understand your “needs” and we recognise the importance to streamline the entire process. Well recorded voiceover delivered within your deadline, perfectly balanced with music and creative sound design.  

Not only do we personally know the voice over artists on our books, we also have complete confidence in their skills.   

Booking a Voice Over Artist – The Easy Way

We’ve made everything simple, without compromising on what you need – quality, information and confidence.  This is the website booking functionality you’ve always wanted, but never quite found. Until now, that is. Sign up now and find your best choice-artists immediately.
It’s effortless.


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