JB Voices offers high-quality voice-over and Audio Post Production services to production companies, creative agencies, independent producers, filmmakers and creatives throughout the UK. Our voice artists are all carefully vetted and passionate about what they do. Our smaller, closed-circuit member-based approach enables us to deliver on your behalf a broader, higher range of skills.

Who Are JB Voices?

JB Voices is the brainchild of Janis Balodis. Also, Founder of JB Audio Post Production, Janis has wealth of experience and technical skills in audio and clear understanding of production companies’ needs, that can save you time and as a result budget towards your project. 

Over the last 15 years, Janis has worked on a wide range of projects. From documentaries for global channels including the BBC, National Geographic, Storyville and Discovery to independent feature and award winning short films.

Not only can you source an experienced voice-over artist through this website, JB Voices can deliver a higher quality outcome, perfectly edited with music and sound effects. 

What’s So Special?

JB Voices understands that busy people like you appreciate simplicity and ease – you’ve already got enough to do. We’ve honed our processes to make the search for the perfect person as easy as 1,2,3.

All voice-over artists are independent and passionate in what they do. We believe that you should have the best for your project, so all VO artists are carefully vetted and quality checked.

Although still in early stages, JB Voices was created with one thought in mind: To give our clients a place where all their audio needs are met: from finding the right voice-over artist for the project and recording it, to providing sound design and mix for the whole project. Not only can you find the perfect voice-over artist we can also deliver a higher quality outcome, perfectly mixed with music and sound effects.

To achieve this:

1) we work with independent new and experienced voice-over artists to accommodate to various needs of each specific job,

2) we have creating a booking process that eliminates the need for ‘unnecessary’ emailing,

3) created a platform for production companies and agencies to share ‘shortlisted voices’ straight from the website without the need to download and forward audio as separate files,

4) auditions and final record files are kept in one place on their accounts,

5) we provide the range of approximate costs for the project, so it’s easier for you to set the budget,

6) we provide full audio post production services,

7) voice-over studio facilities if you prefer to record the ADR, dubbing and voice-over in person.

Read more about our extra, value-adding expertise here.

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