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JB Voices is a boutique voice-over agency working with

production companies and creative agencies providing high-quality 

voice-over artists for explainers, commercials and online content.

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Voice-Over Agency

JB Voices is the Swiss Army Knife of Voice-Over Agencies. Your go-to choice for finding a perfect voice-over for short-form videos and all things audio post-production.

We work with production companies, independent filmmakers and producers, brands, broadcasters, online platforms and creative agencies throughout the UK and worldwide.

Our aim is to find a perfect voice-over artist who will deliver just the right read and performance and will help your project to connect with the audience. 

With our carefully selected and thoroughly vetted male and female voice-over artists, we can find just the right one for any kind of project.

The Swiss Army Knife of Voice-Over Agency

Hire a Voice-Over Artist

JBV only works with the absolute best in their field. We know our voice over artists. We know them personally. We work with them, and we trust them. How can we help you?

With a carefully selected range of artists in our database, you will have access to highly skilled professionals. They’re home-based native English speakers with perfect pronunciation. They are diverse in age and region of origin too, with the clearly enunciated accents you need to reach your target audience.

We have VO Artists that specialises in: 

Online, TV and Radio Commercials, Whiteboard and Animated explainers. Branding and Product videos. Game and Animation characters. Live Announcements, Events and Telephone Systems as well as E-Learning and Audiobooks.

Book Audio Post-Production Services

For high-quality post-production services that add genuine value, look no further. JBV is just about to save you hassle, time, money and stress. How? Because we have a wealth of experience in audio post production, projects ranging from corporate videos to feature films.

The services we provide are:

Creative Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Audio Restoration, Podcast Editing and Dubbing, ADR, Remote and in studio VO recording and Podcast recording.

All in One - From Hire a Voice Over to Final Mix and Delivery

Let’s shrink the stress and lessen the load.

As well as a select database of highly qualified and experienced voice over artists, JBV technical expertise can save you time, money and resources.

We are knocking stress on the need with an all – one service to add loads of real value to ensure that your project gets delivered on time and within budget.

How many specialists would you prefer to deal with? Just one? We have the answer.

We will book a VO talent for you and record the script. Then we will edit and master the recording, add creative sound design, mix and balance all of the elements together and deliver it all into your final package. Project large or small, we are here for you.

Audio Post-Production

Voiceover Studio

Record clean and rich voice-overs to the picture or wild in the professional sound studio in Central London. Sessions are run by experienced sound engineer who will make sure the recordings are as good as ever.

Sound Design

Get a carefully crafted creative sound design to impress the viewers on another level.

Sound Mixing

Want your project to sound better than the rest? Make it sound pro by blending voice-over, sound effects and music together in perfect harmony.

Audio Enhancement

Production sound needs a fix in the post? Clean up noisy and poorly recorded interviews or improve the quality of remote Zoom video calls.


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