JB Voices is the reliable, go-to source for high quality, experienced voice artists. And also - for everything post-production.

JB Voices cuts through all the noise "out there" to streamline the entire, often-fiddly process of sourcing a voice over artist.

Here are just a few of the questions that our customers ask us most often:

JB Voices are the independent and professional voice-over artists who are passionate and dedicated to what they do. JB Voices are the brainchild of Janis Balodis - dubbing mixer/sound designer and a founder of JB Audio Post Production. With over 15 years experience in the audio post production industry, Janis has worked on a wide range of projects from independent feature films and documentaries for the major UK on worldwide broadcasters, to indie projects, podcasts and audiobooks. Directing ADR sessions for feature films and voice-overs for corporate and branding projects.

JB Voices was created to offer the chance for our clients to get all their audio needs done at one place - from booking a VO artist, receiving the highest quality VO recordings and getting the rest of the audio post production done in one place. Save on time, budget and wasted time on emails. Choose to spend those resources on things that matter.

You are able to see the provisional costs for each artist as soon as you create your shortlist and outline your project. The prices you see are just a ballpark price and are not final. We will confirm the final costs in your account shortly after. Once the costs are covered, we will organize the recording session.

The cost of a voice-over also depends on the length of the script and where it is going to be used. For example, internal explainer or non-commercial voice-over will cost less than an voice-over that promotes a product or service on TV, Radio and Online.

Same same, but different. Yes, we do what many other voice-over agencies do - provide voice-over artists for your projects. But that's not all. We pride ourselves on technical knowledge and expertise of all things audio. We will not only organise your VO session and make sure you receive the highest quality recordings, but we can also record it in our studios in person, or remotely.

We've streamlined our services to keep costs down - and make things easier for you. So, JB Voices' focus is on short form, fast turnaround scripts such as:

  • Corporate, Explainer videos
  • Training and Tutorial videos
  • Brand videos
  • E-learning
  • Online commercials

We're the ideal specialist supplier for these. Why? Because we can turn around projects quickly and exactly to your specifications.

With great care. Each and every one is fully vetted and will need to pass robust quality control checks regarding their home recording equipment. We know them all well - and they are, well, just nice people who work hard for you.

Our processes are efficient. In a nutshell, we've established them to reflect the busy lives of production companies. To help you, we've reduced the seemingly endless to-ing and fro-ing traditionally associated with voice over services. Yet there's no compromise on quality. Check out our How We Work page for a more detailed process, or skip straight to the Registration page, create an account and find out for yourself.

Indeed, we can. It's what makes us different from many of our competitors. We not only supply you with the perfect voiceover artists, but we will also sound design and mix your project. We will happily take full care of any audio needs you may have - from finding the right voice-over artist, to mixing and delivering the final mix for online or broadcast specifications.

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