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Language: British, English

Gender: Female

Age: 20's, 30's, Teens

Accent: American - Generic, American - Standard, British, Essex, London, RP

Style: Articulate, Assured, Authorative, Bright, Caring, Character, Charismatic, Clear, Convesational, Corporate, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Fun, Girl Next Door, Innocent, Inspiring, Playful, Reassuring, Trustworthy, Upbeat, Youthful

Speciality: Commercials, Radio Drama, Narration, Characters, Drama, Comedy, Video Game, Fantasy, Animation


Briony is a versatile voice-over artist with a good range of accents and dialects. As a mixed race – Jamaican/Indian and Irish/German and based in London, she has a native RP, London and Sussex accents, and a high standard of American-Standard, Dublin, and Northern accents. Briony’s voice ranges from teens to 30’s, making her ideal for a variety of roles.

Specializing in commercials, radio plays, narration, and character voice-overs, Briony brings depth and authenticity to every project. Whether it’s drama, comedy, video games, or fantasy, she always engage audiences. Notable credits include Baileys, House of Fraser, and appearances in TV series like Harlots and School for Good and Evil on Netflix.

Briony’s passion for storytelling is always present throughout her work, and her dedication to delivering top-notch performances always comes as second nature to her.

More Voice-Reels:

  • Commercial
  • Explainer
  • General
  • Narration

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