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Language: British, English

Gender: Female

Age: 20's, 30's, Teens

Accent: American - Generic, American - Neutral, American - Southern, American - Standard, British, Cockney, Derby, Essex, Heightened RP, Liverpool, Mulitcultural (MLE), RP, Sheffield, Yorkshire

Style: Charismatic, Deep, Distinctive, Kind, Seductive, Smooth, Soft, Soothing, Strong, Warm

Speciality: Radio Drama, Video Games, Characters, Commercials, Audiobooks, Singing


Alice Malyon is a recent graduate of the BA Acting program ’23 at Rose Bruford. She holds the distinction of being an alumna of the BAFTA-winning Television Workshop. Alice’s exceptional performances has taken her to the venues such as the Nottingham Playhouse and the Greenwich Theatre.

In addition to her stage work, Alice has ventured into the world of voice-over. With a growing passion for voice acting, she is determined to make it a central pillar of her career. Currently, Alice is actively involved with NSDF at Derby Theatre, where she participates in devised labs, honing her skills and creativity.

Furthermore, she is gearing up to take on the title role in Hurricane Theatre’s production of ‘Peter Pan’. She will breathe life into this iconic character on the stage.

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