Natasha Rose Mills JB Voices




Language: American, British, Irish

Gender: Female

Age: 20's, 30's, Teens

Accent: American, American - California, American - Generic, American - Neutral, American - West Coast, English, Heightened RP, Irish - Northern, Lancanshire, London, Neutral, Northern, RP, Standard, Yorkshire

Style: Assured, Bright, Calm, Caring, Charismatic, Clear, Convesational, Friendly, Kind, Light, Nurturing, Playful, Reassuring, Relatabe, Relaxed, Seductive, Sincere, Soft, Trustworthy, Warm, Youthful

Speciality: Audiobooks, Commercials, Narration, Explainers, Video Game Characters, Animation characters, Meditation, Relaxation, Health, Medical


Natasha Rose Mills is a voice-over actor with over a few years of experience. Mainly, providing voice-over for small advertising tech companies. She is also creating content on mental health for her company meditations, and courses for insight timer. Specialising in corporate and commercials and courseĀ content, meditation audios.

Native to England, she was noted for her, young calm, friendly, reassuring, warm natural sincere personas, in contrast to her quirky tonalities for the younger audience.

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