Geoffrey Kokel JB Voices




Language: French

Gender: Male

Age: 20's, 30's, 40's

Accent: French

Style: Caring, Charismatic, Corporate, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Fun, Informative, Playful, Reassuring, Relatabe, Upbeat, Youthful

Speciality: Corporate, Training Videos, Explainers, Commercials


Geoffrey Kokel possesses a friendly, smooth, and engaging voice, with a range that can suit an age group from 18 to 35 years. He has extensive experience in various voice-over projects, including audiobooks, meditation podcasts, cartoons, TV/Radio ads, and dubbing, among others.

Geoffrey has lent his voice to notable brands like Microsoft, Disneyland, John Deere, Amazon, Mars, Scania, Eurosport 2, Burger King, FitBit, Minecraft, Blackberry, Friskies, Cisco, League of Legends, Adobe, and many more.

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  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Meditation

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