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Pro Voice-Over Artist

Language: British, English

Gender: Female

Age: 20's, 30's

Accent: London, RP, South London

Style: Articulate, Authorative, Calm, Caring, Character, Charismatic, Clear, Corporate, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Fun, Girl Next Door, Husky, Informative, Kind, Nurturing, Playful, Relatabe, Relaxed, Seductive, Sexy, Sincere, Smooth, Soft, Soothing, Street Smart, Upbeat, Warm

Speciality: Meditative, Commercial, Corporate, Narrative, Animation Characters, Explainers


Fiona Hall, a DJ, Producer, and Presenter, is also a skilled Voice-artist. Her home studio boasts broadcast quality, which is perfect for seamless remote recording.

With a versatile vocal range, Fiona transitions from a friendly and relatable south Londoner with Jamaican heritage to a warm and soothing RP. Fiona’s vocal versatility and diverse range of voices you can hear in her commercial, meditation and narrative voice reels.

More Voice-Reels:

  • Commercial
  • Meditiation
  • Narration

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